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Goats Sales Policies

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats & Mini Alpine Dairy Goats

We breed registered and non-registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Mini Alpine dairy goats. We are located in Chandler, IN. Just six miles east of Evansville IN.

We would love to help you find the perfect goat for your family farm as we specialize in goats that are fantastic pets and great family milkers. Our goats are dam raised for the first two weeks, then are bottle fed until weaning. While on the farm, they may be the center of attention in our children's summer camps or goat yoga classes.


Terms Of Sale

Goats are herd animals and they need a companion. You must purchase two or more goats from Blue Heron Farm. An exception will be made if you provide proof that you already have goats.

Deposits- Goats will be available on a first come/first served basis and will be listed for sale on our website and a post made to Facebook as they are added. Goats must be purchased in full from our website. If a goat must stay until weaning, it may be paid for in full or a $100 deposit and balance due upon pickup. Please keep an eye on the website and check back regularly. 

Prices- Our kids are born March through May. Prices start at $250 for wethers. Doelings and bucklings start at $350. Prices go up if the goats have blue eyes, moonspots, or are polled. Purchase price includes papers if goat is registered, CDT vaccinations, disbudding, coccidia treatment, and banding if applicable. Goats must be picked up within 5 business days of purchase date or boarding fees will apply.

Picking Up Goats- You must schedule a time to pick up your goats within 5 business days of the purchase date. After 5 business days, boarding fees will apply. Boarding is available for a maximum of of 5 extra business days. If your goat is not picked up after the 10 business days, then the purchase price will be forfeited and the goat will be listed for sale again. The only exception will be baby goats that we deem not quite ready to go to a new home. Boarding will not be collected for babies that must stay until weaned or until baby will easily accept the bottle. We generally wean at 12-16 weeks of age.

Boarding Fees- Boarding fees will depend on the age of the goat. $5 per day for goats that aren't receiving bottles and $10 per day for goats that are receiving bottles.

Sick Or Injured Goats- We take the best care of our goats, however accidents or injuries do occur. If the goat you purchase gets sick or injured between purchase and pick up, we will treat the goat and delay your pick up. No boarding fees will be charged for the delayed days. If the goat you purchase dies between purchase and pick up, we will replace the goat with a goat of equal or greater value as soon as one is available. The purchase price will not be refunded.

Final Sales Policy- Blue Heron Farm reserves the right to retain any animal born on the farm. BHF reserves the right not to do business with anyone for any reason. All animals are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. When the animals leave BHF, BHF is not responsible for the animals and cannot offer any guarantees. Any illness attributed to normal animal issues that require owner maintenance shall be handled by the new owner. Buyer care or lack of care WILL NOT warrant return of money, replacement of animals, or costs the owner claims.